Homemade Tiramisu     £4.95

Traditional coffee soaked savoiardi  biscuits with layers of egg

and mascarpone cream dusted with cocoa powder.


Homemade Lemon Cheesecake     £4.95

 Biscuit base & vanilla cream cheese style lemon cheesecake.


Profiteroles Scuro     £4.95

Cream filled profiteroles in chocolate sauce dusted with cocoa powder.


Sardinian Seadas     £5.95

Sweet Sardinian pastries filled with pecorino & lemon zest drizzled with honey.


Cheese & Biscuits     £5.95

A selection of Italian cheeses served with honey & fresh crackers





Luxury Italian Ice Creams



Cioccolato     £4.95

Chocolate   2 scoops


Vaniglia     £4.95

 Vanilla   2 scoops


Fragola    £4.95

Strawberry   2 scoops


Sorbetto al Limone   £4.95

Lemon sorbet   2 scoops


Pistacchio     £4.95

Pistachio   2 scoops





Our menu's are subject to change and availability