A La Carte


 V   Insalata Mista     £4.95

Mixed fresh salad, roasted peppers, olives and sundried tomatoes


V   Bruschetta Al Pomodoro     £4.95

Garlic bread topped with chopped tomatoes, olives and fresh herbs


V   Zuppa Del Giorno     £4.95

Freshly prepared soup of the day, served with fresh bread


V   Insalata Caprese     £6.95

Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, oregano, e.v.olive oil and fresh basil


Sardine Alla Griglia    £7.95

Freshly grilled Sardines sautéed melted butter & garlic


Capesante    £9.95

King scallops cooked in wine & orange served on a bed of black pudding topped with crispy bacon


Calamari Fritti     £7.95

Deep-fried rings of squid 


Gamberoni All' Aglio e Vino Bianco    £8.95

Large king prawns sautéed in garlic, olive oil and white wine 


Antipasto Misto     £8.95

A good selection of Italian Hors D'Oeurve 


Arselle e Cozze Marinara     £6.95

Steamed clams & mussels in white wine, garlic & tomato


Melone con Prosciutto     £8.95

Fresh melon with Italian ham


Involtini Di Salmone Affumicato    £8.95

Parcels of smoked salmon filled with baby prawns in a marie rose sauce





V   Spaghetti Napoletana     £11.95

Tomato, onions, basil and olive oil


Spaghetti Alle Vongole     £12.95

Spaghetti with cockles cooked in tomato, garlic & white wine


Spaghetti Marinara   £14.95

Mixed sea food with tomato, garlic & white wine


Spaghetti Carbonara    £12.95

Pasta cooked with pancetta, cheese, touch of cream & an egg 


Spaghetti Bolognese     £11.95

A traditional Italian mince meat sauce


Tagliatelle Alfredo     £12.95

Ribbons of pasta with chicken, mushrooms and cream sauce


Fregola Con Arselle     £12.95

Sardinian semolina pasta with fresh clams


Malloreddus con Salsiccia   £12.95

Sardinian gnocchetti with sausage and fennel ragù


Penne Amatriciana     £12.95

Penne with pancetta, onions chillies & tomato 


V    Penne con Carciofi e piselli    £13.95

Penne pasta with artichokes & peas


Lasagne Al Forno     £12.95

Home-made lasagne with layers of meat sauce, pasta & herbs


V   Tortelloni Ai Funghi     £12.95

Fresh pasta parcels with wild mushrooms & served with cream sauce


V   Penne Arrabiata Con Funghi     £11.95

Penne pasta with mushrooms, chilli, tomato and a fresh herb sauce


V   Culurgiones     £11.95

Sardinian pasta parcels filled with potato & mint served in a rich tomato sauce





V   Pizza Margherita    £10.95

Cheese & tomato & herbs


Calzone     £12.95

Folded pizza with ham, mushrooms and spinach


Pizza Diavolo     £12.95

Peppers, pepperoni sausage & chilies


Pizza Prosciutto  £12.95

Cheese, tomato & Italian ham


Pizza House Special     £13.95

Italian sausage, chilies, spinach & olives topped with an egg


Pizza con Salsiccia     £12.95

Cheese, tomato & spicy Italian sausage



or 'create your own' £1.75 per extra topping




Carne - Meats


Pollo Pizzaiola    £15.95

Breast of chicken cooked in wine, tomato, garlic & fresh herbs


Pollo Al Pepe     £15.95

Breast of chicken cooked with red wine, black peppercorns, mustard and cream


Pollo con Crema e Porcini   £15.95

Breast of chicken cooked in wine with wild mushroom & cream


Entrecotte     £19.95

Prime 8oz steak charcoal grilled to your liking


Agnello Al Rosmarino e Mirto     £19.95

Best end of lamb cooked in wine, rosemary, balsamic reduction & mirto liquor


Agnello Al Miele     £19.95

Best end of lamb cooked in wine, honey & mint sauce


Sirloin Pizzaiola   £20.95

Cooked in wine, tomatoes & fresh herbs


Sirloin House Special   £20.95

Brandy, red wine tomato, garlic, mushrooms, mustard & cream


Filetto Di Manzo     £21.95

Prime 8oz fillet steak grilled to your liking


Filletto Al Pepe   £22.95

Fillet steak cooked with red wine, black peppercorns, mustard and cream


Filletto House Special  £22.95

Red wine, tomato, garlic, mushrooms, mustard & cream



Pesce -Fish



Salmone   £16.95

Freshly grilled Salmon served in lemon, baby prawns & cream sauce


Branzino   £17.95

Pan fried Sea Bass served with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, touch of parsley and wedge of lemon


Calamari   £15.95

Deep fried rings of squid served with a side of tartar sauce


Tonno Alla Carlofortina   £15.95

Fresh grilled tuna steak cooked in capers, cherry tomatoes & whie wine


Sardine Alla Griglia   £15.95

Freshly grilled Sardines sautéed melted butter & garlic


Gamberoni All’Aglio e Vino Bianco   £17.95

Freshly grilled King Prawns sautéed in melted butter, garlic, parsley & a touch of white wine


Arselle e Cozze Marinara   £15.95

Steamed clams & mussels cooked in white wine, garlic & tomato



Garlic Bread    £2.25        Garlic Bread with cheese   £2.95       Mixed Olives    £2.50

Mixed selection of white, brown & Sardinian bread with olive oil & balsamic reduction  £2.50



Our menu's are subject to change and availability